January 2017 starts a new quarter with new classes.  As the Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”  Our prayer is that the Spirit of God will develop in each of us the heart and mind of Jesus.  To that end may God be glorified.  Here is the schedule for January thru April.


Sunday AM: Downstairs: Discovering Our Past—[Alan Hill]

                     Balcony: John 3:16 [Doug Frazier]


Sunday PM: When God Reigns: A Study in the Parables of Jesus


When Jesus taught those who gathered around him, He frequently used parables.  When He wanted them to understand what their lives would be like if God were to reign, He turned to parables.  Parables provide a window into both the mind of Christ and His vision for His people.  As Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear let him hear.”


Jan. 1 & 8        No Sunday Eve Class

Jan. 15            Praying Offensively/Preemptively/Defensively  [Alan Hill]

Jan. 22            A Test Case [Doug Frazier]

Jan. 29            Why Parables? To Confuse or Make Clear [David Hill]

Feb 5               No Class

Feb. 12            When God Reigns—I’ll Know and Appreciate His Grace [Gardner Jefferies]

Feb. 19            God’s Invitation to Join in His Reign [Verne Foreman]

Feb 26             When God Reigns—There Will Be Joy [Gary Kentner]

March 5           No Class

March 12         When God Reigns—I’ll care About Others [Bob Saxton]

March 19         When God Reigns—My Money and Things [Steve Miller]

March 26         When God Reigns—My Talents and Opportunities [Jack Groves]


April 2              No Class                    

April 9              When God Reigns—His People Will Pray [Alan Hill]

April 16            What It Means to Be a Disciple of the Kingdom – Athan ?

April 23            When God Reigns—More Will Come to Him - Del

April 30            God’s Reign and Judgment - ??


Wednesday PM The Letters of John—Darryl Wray




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